A national benchmark in
Educational excellence through integration of the arts

J. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts School of Excellence award

kcn-2ArtSpace Charter School has been selected to receive a John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts School of Excellence award by Arts North Carolina, a Member of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education. As the only charter school in NC to receive the award, ArtSpace marks another step toward the fulfillment of our vision to be a national benchmark in educational excellence through the integration of the arts.

ArtSpace receives the award for demonstrating a superior job of incorporating arts into a quality education for all students. The state-level awards honor and highlight schools and the role they play in providing a creative learning environment for outstanding student achievement. Competitive applications included programs that encompass arts education, arts integration, and arts exposure.

Michelle Burrows, Director of A+ Schools program commented, “Congratulations on this prestigious recognition!”

The John F. Kennedy Center Schools of Excellence awards were determined by a panel that included representatives of Arts North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and the North Carolina Arts Council. Primary consideration was given for integration of the arts and curriculum, excellence in arts discipline education, community and parental involvement in programs, and exposure to a wide array of arts opportunities.

Our Executive Director, Lori Cozzi, was notified of the award by the NC Department of Cultural Resources. She is honored by the award, and gives credit to each teacher and staff member of the school, who have all played a part in the excellence we achieve. “The commitment of our faculty and staff to our students and this school is evident. It’s an honor to work with them,” she emphasized. ArtSpace has a primary commitment to ensuring that all our students have access and opportunity to be successful through the arts.