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Academic Achievements

For the sixth consecutive year, End-Of-Grade test scores have improved, again making us one of the top scoring schools in the county.

At ArtSpace, we are confident that our arts integration foundation and dedication to best practices such as thematic, project based and multisensory learning across subject areas, have been instrumental in somewhat preparing us for the new assessments.  While other schools have had to shift their thinking from a grade level proficiency of basic skills model to the more rigorous requirements of the new standards,  ArtSpace  has been focusing on critical thinking and real world application of knowledge since its inception.  We believe that our schoolwide results, while lower than previous years, are a direct result of this focus.  While we are not satisfied with the 2012-2013s scores we know that, compared to the rest of the state, our program of instruction is solid and very progressive.  We fully expect that our state testing results will improve quickly as our comfort level with the new assessment design increases.

How did ArtSpace perform on the 2012-2013 End of Grade Tests?  The table below details our performance.  It is important to keep in mind that scores across the state declined significantly.   Composite scores in Math declined anywhere from 27-44 percentage points, reading scores between 16 and 25, and science scores decline range from 9-33 percentage points.

ArtSpace Statewide ACS Points Above State
Composite 61.7 44.41 17.29
Math (3-8) 54 42.28 11.72
Reading (3-8) 65.7 43.93 21.77
Science (5,8) 66.7 52.25 14.45





In addition to our above statewide composite scores, ArtSpace met 100% of both our Federal and State targets and we received a status of EXCEEDS GROWTH on our statewide overall evaluation and we have maintained our place as one of the highest performing schools across the Asheville area and Western Carolina.

If you are interested in learning detailed information about these new assessments and statewide results, please consider reviewing the following link found on the DPI website:  http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/accountability/reporting/.  As always, if you have specific questions or concerns about your child’s education at ArtSpace as it relates to our changing assessment landscape, please do not hesitate to contact the school.