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Student Testimonials

What do the kids think?

“The motto ‘Learning to Create, Creating to Learn’ means to me to make school as fun as possible and to still learn a lot.”

“There are a lot of very different kinds of kids here. I’ve already made a bunch of friends here, and so has my little brother.”

“I think that learning with art is better because you get to do things instead of taking tests all the time. ”

“It’s fun to make frescos when we are studying artists like Michelangelo and doing Shakespeare performances. It makes school more fun and interesting.”

“We do a lot of interesting stuff when we are learning, like building three dimensional maps of parts of the African Plate in science. School is challenging.”

“I have found out from my friends who go to different schools that we are learning how to do things actually before them.”

“The other students are all very nice, and they do a lot to help each other and the school.”

“I like to create things, to be a young actor, to dance, to sing and to make music. Being at ArtSpace has enhanced my ability to be not as afraid to be on stage in a play or talk.”

“I love making trioramas and making things out of clay. We are doing a lot of projects and I love projects.”

“I get to use my creativity in most, if not all, my projects and I’ve made some great friends.”

“At my old school, we didn’t have special art, drama, music or dance classes. School was boring to me. Now, when my mom mentioned me coming in tardy because of going to the dentist, I told her ‘No Way!'”