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ArtSpace employs a full-time School Counselor for grades K-8. The School Counselor’s role is to promote the academic, personal/social and future success of all students. This is accomplished through individual and small group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and program coordination. Individual counseling is short-term and focused primarily on school related issues. The goals of the counseling program are to:

    • Support the mission and vision of ArtSpace
    • Support the specific needs of individual students
    • Provide a place of respect, kindness, and support for students, families and staff
    • Encourage students toward a positive self-image
    • Help students develop responsible social skills
    • Help students develop life planning skills and prepare for lifelong learning
    • Help students achieve academic success
  • Help students understand and respect diversity and their role within a global community

Ms. Tiffany Mead is delighted to be joining such an excellent school and look forward to making connections with students, families and staff that make this remarkable school what it is. It is my greatest pleasure to support youth as they learn, grow, and deepen their understanding of themselves, the world, and their role in it.  Thank you for welcoming me. I anticipate much joy, discovery, and creativity this year.

Please follow this link to Ms. Tiffany’s Google Website which has numerous resources available.

School-Based Therapy: The nature of school counseling does not allow sufficient time or focus for long-term therapy. Yet providing this service in school can be a tremendous benefit for students, families, and teachers. School-based therapy provides all the services of a private counselor (services are paid by private insurance or on a sliding scale fee). Information regarding these services can be obtained through our School Counselor.