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    Clarinets at band performance

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    Making Music!

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    Band Performance

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    Percussionists in a workshop with Mike Ashworth of the Steep Canyon Rangers.


K-5 General Music

Music classes at ArtSpace expose students to a wide selection of instruments, genres, music theory and composition practices. General music classes are structured around the Kodály pedagogical method – this includes focus on rhythmic and melodic concepts through singing, and kinesthetic movements which create a physical understanding in the body. This approach is a sound to symbol process that results in better reading, writing, and performance skills.  All music lessons are aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study and are creatively planned to integrate various academic learning goals.

K-5 students have music instruction once a week for 50 minutes. They are taught to read traditional notation and count rhythmic patterns, and perform with proper posture, breath support and technique. Students demonstrate their understanding within specific guidelines as well as through improvisation.  All grades have two or more performances a year to showcase their learned material through a collaboration of artforms including: music, dance, technology, drama and visual art.

Making connections to local and national history and traditions, as well as world practices, is a large focus in our  music program. K-5 students engage in activities inspired by a selected “Musician of the Month”.  These opportunities allow students to explore artists of various races, gender, musical styles and cultural backgrounds. This comprehensive unit encourages listening skills, global awareness, recognition of specific genres, and aids in developing the use of music vocabulary.  

Music Ensembles

Ensembles at ArtSpace include: 5th and 6th grade Chorus, 6th grade Beginning Band, and a 7th/8th Band Elective.  Each ensemble focuses on the elements of music and music performance.  Music is selected to display an array of genres, at an appropriate skill level, that lends opportunities for individual performers as well as group collaboration.  

All 6th grade students participate in Chorus, and have the choice to learn an instrument in Beginning Band. 5th grade Chorus is an optional ensemble that begins in the spring semester, and meets twice a week for rehearsals. 7th and 8th grade Band is an elective that students choose to participate in.  Ensembles perform in the Winter and Spring concerts to display the culmination of their studies in their music medium.

For more information about our music programs contact Ms. Meg or check out Ms. Meg’s Webpage.

Teaching Staff

Name Phone Ext. Title
Beth Lexa 631 Theatre Arts Specialist
Jocelyn Reese 628 Visual Arts Specialist
Rebecca Triplett 617 Dance Specialist
Meg Boerner 641 Music Specialist and Band Teacher
Michael Barfield 638 Physical Education Specialist and Exceptional Children’s Assistant
Steve Lipe 610 Instructional Technology Specialist

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