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  • Dinner Party Plate Creation

    3rd graders working on plates for The Dinner Party Project

Third Grade

Third grade is a year of amazing growth, exploration, and achievement as students are encouraged to reflect on their learning and take pride in their studies. Third graders explore multiplication and division concepts and learn to persevere through solving multi-step word problems through the use of the Investigations curriculum. Students are introduced to rich literature through a Roald Dahl author study and a stop-motion animation project. We move away from learning how to read and begin reading in order to learn. Through dance, poetry, writing, theater, music, technology, and visual art integration, we explore the concepts of the plant life cycle, the skeletal and muscular systems, the solar system, and forces and motion. We learn about the states of matter by observing glass blowers and ice cream-making! Students study and create constellation myths, as well as folktales from around the world. We explore local and regional geography and its influence on business. We learn about how individuals can influence their communities – and the world – as we create our own version of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. We study local history and discover why artists like Josef Albers chose to study and work at Black Mountain College, an experimental college opened in Black Mountain in 1933. We learn to work and play together while demonstrating ArtSpace’s Four Pillars: Effort, Respect, Leadership, and Service.

Teaching Staff

Name Phone Ext. Title
Melissa Redden ail Third Grade Teacher
Mary Wray ail 3rd Grade Teacher
Jake Ware ail Third Grade Teaching Assistant
Misty Green Exceptional Children's Teacher

Recent Classroom News

ArtSpace Charter School Elects and Inducts 2016-17 Student Council

On Wednesday, August 31st ArtSpace Charter School had their elections for the 2016-17 Student Council. Student Council serves as a student government program which provides opportunities for leadership and a “channel” for students to voice ...


SWANNANOA, NC - March 3rd - Students at ArtSpace took part in the school’s third annual STEAM Expo.  STEAM is an expansion of the National Science Foundation’s acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to include ...

The 12th Annual Third Grade Dinner Party

ArtSpace third graders continued a long-standing tradition last week with their presentation of The Dinner Party. The Dinner Party is a project brought to ArtSpace by Ms. Lori when she was in the role of ...

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You!

SWANNANOA, NC- The ArtSpace stage will be filled with exciting performances, informances and special events throughout December and January!  This week is the 4th Annual Medieval Faire hosted by ArtSpace 6th graders.This is not a ...

Ms. Meg Implements Music Stations for Rewards and Assessment

[caption id="attachment_7012" align="alignleft" width="300"] Second graders playing musical memory made with recycled materials. Students are looking for musical symbol matches.[/caption] Swannanoa, NC September 17, 2015- This year, in music classes, ArtSpace K-5 grade students have ...

Recycled Flower Garden

Every student from the 2014-15 school year created a flower for this garden. Flowers were created from recycled vinyl records. The Old Depot Association in Black Mountain donated the money to finance this project. It ...

The Dinner Party

On November 18th, third grade presented "The Dinner Party" to a very eager audience.  The Dinner Party is one of our ArtSpace traditions. The inspiration piece for this piece was collaboratively created under the guidance ...