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Seventh Grade

Seventh graders begin the transition toward the more traditional approach to education they will experience in high school. Students are introduced to four core subject teachers and rotate classrooms.

In 7th grade, we offer differentiated math instruction within the classroom and in smaller academic extension groups during the week to meet the needs of each student.  Students explore algebra, proportion, geometry and other math strands through conceptual explorations and real-world scenarios. We also look at the connections between artists and the math in their art.

In 7th grade Science Students study, a wide range of subjects through arts-integrated science projects. Students explore motion and forces, energy types, atmosphere and weather, human body systems, and genetics. Projects include roller coasters, compound machines, weaving, painting, music creation, poetry, dance, and theater. Students work in collaborative groups as well as independently to explore the standards through arts-integrated projects that push students of all levels.

Seventh Grade Social Studies is an exploration of modern World History, including the Age of Exploration, World Wars, and the contemporary Middle East. Each student will also complete an extended research project of their choice, using the National History Day curriculum.   

English Language Arts in the seventh grade focuses on the basics of genre.  We study realistic fiction (The Outsiders), dystopian fiction (The House of the Scorpion), fantasy fiction (The Golden Compass), and historical fiction (choice of World War II / Holocaust books).  In addition, seventh graders study the elements of poetry and get many opportunities to write poetry themselves as well as non-fiction/analysis and personal essays.

Students are offered a choice of electives to further develop artistic skills in the areas of their interest.

Teaching Staff

Name Phone Ext. Title
Ian Canary-King 648 Seventh and Eighth Grades Social Studies Teacher
Leila Wheless 643 Seventh and Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher
Megan Smith 636 Seventh and Eighth Grade Mathematics Teacher
Nick Rogowski 612 Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Teacher
Marni Rubin-Flanigan 620 Middle School Teaching Assistant
Ryan Olliffe Exceptional Children Teacher
Sarah Vallely Academic Support Specialist

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