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Phone Directory

To reach ArtSpace staff, please call 828.298.2787.  Please note that our administrative team and our Exceptional Children’s teachers are the only staff with extensions or voicemail boxes.

The best way to contact our teachers is through email.

Name Phone Ext. Title
Mark Sidelnick Board Member
Molly Yaman ail Kindergarten Teacher
Elaine Bleakney Board Secretary
Sarena Fuller 303 Executive Director
Esteve Coll-Larrosa 787 Business and Operations Manager
Hollis McKeown 308 Assistant Director, Kindergarten-Fourth Grade
Lucy Sawyer 305 Director of Grades 5-8
Rob Sine 623 Student Support and Exceptional Children Coordinator
Meg Boerner ail Music Specialist and Band Teacher
Beth Lexa Theatre Arts Specialist
Steve Lipe Instructional Technology Specialist
Jocelyn Reese ail Visual Arts Specialist
Simone Randazzo 306 K - 4 Exceptional Children Teacher
Carol Davis Systems Administrator
Tiffany Mead 323 School Counselor
Jane Horning 322 Office Manager
Darlene Dimenna 304 Administrative Assistant
Beth Garrison ail Librarian
Erin Carr 321 Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Michelle Migyanka 326 Student Information Coordinator
Thomas Solesby 644 Building Manager
Waterfall Wise ail Dance Specialist
Michael Barfield ail Physical Education Specialist and Exceptional Children’s Assistant
Ryan Brisini ail Kindergarten Teacher
Elise Fuller 1st Grade Teacher
Evangeline Maumenee ail 1st Grade Teacher
Alison “Ali” Mellander 606 Second Grade Teacher
Annabell Lisa 605 Second Grade Teacher
Heidi Blozan ail 2nd Grade Teaching Assistant
Melissa Redden ail Third Grade Teacher
Mary Wray ail 3rd Grade Teacher
Julie Williams ail Third Grade Teacher Assistant
Tonya Clanton ail Fourth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
Kathy Self ail Fourth Grade Math and Science Teacher
Chris Williams ail Fourth Grade Teaching Assistant
Heather Burrows ail Fifth Grade Social Studies and Language Arts Teacher
Dana York ail 5th Grade Math and Science Teacher
Clay Magidson 622 Fifth Grade and Exceptional Children's Teaching Assistant
John Hall 611 Sixth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
Kinsey Steere ail 6th Grade Math and Science Teacher
Lyn VanOver 609 Permanent Substitute Teacher
Ian Canary-King 648 Seventh and Eighth Grades Social Studies Teacher
Leila Wheless 643 Seventh and Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher
Megan Smith 636 Seventh and Eighth Grade Mathematics Teacher
Nick Rogowski 612 Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Teacher
Marni Rubin-Flanigan 620 Middle School Teaching Assistant
Eric Florence 613 Exceptional Children's Teacher/Intensive Intervention Classroom
Amy McDuffie 603 Student Support Coordinator
Tara Reese 633 Exception Children's Teaching Assistant
Jake Ware 624 Exceptional Children’s Teaching Assistant Grades 6-8
Hal Smith 618 Exceptional Children’s Teaching Assistant
Terri Fletcher 635 Exceptional Children's Teacher Grades 5-6
Glenda Brouwer 621 Title I Coordinator and Teacher
Dede Keasler 306 Title 1- Assistant Reading Teacher
Beth Watman ail Speech Language Pathologist
Tami Magidson 646 After Care Coordinator
Amanda Annarino 646 After Care Staff