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Good-Bye Old World: 4th Grade Colonial Night

Good-Bye Old World: 4th Grade Colonial Night

SWANNANOA, NC- On Thursday, February 11, 2016, ArtSpace 4th graders demonstrated their knowledge of  NC colonial history through an evening filled with performances.  Students opened the evening by dancing a traditional reel common to colonial times.  Students transitioned to a performance of the play Good-Bye Old World, an original work by former 4th grade teacher Brian Mahoney.  This play offered the audiences and 4th grade actors a glimpse into the perspectives of people who lived during colonial times – both European settlers and indigenous peoples.

chief in colonial play

The chief of the Chow-an-oak trying to make peace.

In the play, students from Ms. Tonya’s and Ms. Victoria’s homerooms enacted the difficulties colonial settlers and indigenous peoples encountered in the era of first encounters – from the Chow-an-oak’s fear of the alien arrival of the European settlers, to the motivation of the settlers to start all over in a new and strange land.
Combining dance, theater and social studies, the students were able to put themselves in the historical context of the play and gain empathy for these characters from the past.  Audience, actors, and faculty all took pride in the production and are excited to take up the stage again before the year’s end.  Rumor has it, a science play about the phases of the moon featuring hip hop is in the works.