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PACE Board of Directors Extends Their Gratitude

PACE Board of Directors Extends Their Gratitude

The leaves have turned and fallen and there is a nip to the air as autumn steadily moves through our days. The school year is in full-tilt.  For teachers, this is when things get real. They’ve gotten to know their students and are aware of strengths and weaknesses and the amount of work to accomplish by June. There is no question that teaching is an overwhelmingly stressful profession. You can find out more information on Discover Magazine about cbd and how beneficial it is to people that suffer from a lot of stress everyday.

The job requires constant planning and preparation and there is little to no down time during the day. Teachers also have to routinely take work home. Students, parents and the general public often lack an appreciation for the challenges teachers face. In general, teachers are subject to tremendous scrutiny, are held accountable for factors that are often beyond their control, and are paid relatively poorly given the demands of the position.  All of this says nothing about the emotional investment of teaching. Teachers care about their students on many levels and give much of themselves to support academic, social and emotional success. Just thinking about being a teacher is exhausting!

At ArtSpace, we believe in creating an educational environment where students are nurtured and teachers are supported. While some of the stresses of the profession are unavoidable, we want our culture to make the experience of education positive for everyone.  ArtSpace faculty was asked what motivates them to persist despite the stress. Here are some examples of what they had to say:

“I teach at ArtSpace because of the freedom that I am given to teach in my own way; and that as an artist I get to express some of my own creativity and  teach through, with, and using art!”

“The kids and parent support!  :)”

“I feel so fortunate to work at a school where I can structure the classroom instruction according to what I know works best for students rather than what the latest trend dictates.  The administration respects my experience in the field I teach and honors the profession by allowing me to take risks, push the envelope, and, raise a very high bar for student achievement.”

My colleagues have evident JOY in their teaching and in their students.”

“ArtSpace truly is a family-centered community. Welcoming parent involvement and allowing staff to support the needs of our own families sets this school apart. We love and nurture each other in a way that I have not experienced at any other school.”

I stay because I believe in the way we educate these children. I stay because I  feel valued and appreciated. I stay because these people are my family!!”

“Community atmosphere, talented and helpful teachers and administration, parent involvement, amazing AIT team 🙂 And so much more…”

Vision, leadership and staff keep me here.”

At Artspace not only do  I get to teach I get to create something in a collaborative process that is almost magical at times. Artspace is community that says “I’m never going to give you up, I’m never going to let you down,” and they don’t! I am often amazed by the synergy that continues to lift Artspace to the next level just when it is needed. Honestly, I am grateful to work here at a place that allows me to challenge myself as an educator and an artist while challenging my students at the same time. So basically I love it here :)”

“I’m not in teaching for the money, but ArtSpace does honor my Master’s degrees and pays on scale accordingly, which is something a traditional school would not do. There are other financial benefits I did give up by leaving traditional schools, but that is far outweighed by what I can do at ArtSpace.  At ArtSpace, I am in a community that values creativity and experimentation, not following a script, and being able to take chances, and fail sometimes.  It’s being in an environment that values collaboration, and strives for an inclusive environment that allows all students a chance for success.  We value the arts, and give time for artistic expression.  I sometimes feel our students don’t  ‘get it’ until they are somewhere else that these values are not a part of their everyday experience, and then they miss what they had, and regret a lot of the missed opportunities.”

“For me, it is being able to teach in a way and approach with support that I do not feel I would get anywhere else.  ArtSpace believed in me (or at least tolerated me) when I was not at my best, and gave me the time and support to become who I am today.  I am humbled every day I come to work with the realization that I am getting to teach technology in a way that no one else does.  Integrated projects that reflect skills and content of the classroom….I’ve been in  the traditional world, and my wife is still there, and I don’t  want to go back there and plan to teach at ArtSpace as long as they’ll have me.”

“I work here because it is a good place to work. The administration is great and that allows the teachers to do their best job. I love the culture of this school that encourages and supports the individual. I am tickled to hear and see ALLLL the ways people express themselves. I love all the reading buddy relationships and tribes that adopt a younger class. I work here because I am contributing to a worthwhile cause!”

“I’m here for the experience and really appreciate the creative freedom, which helps me to fail and succeed without the added pressure of NEVER failing. I am learning effective ways of teaching with the safety net of supportive administrators and colleagues.”

“A wonderful staff who has made me feel part of the ArtSpace family since day 1, incredible administration support no matter what the reason or need, and a positive motivation to help students to achieve their highest potential that is truly unmatched….”

“I love the sense of community and support here at ACS. I enjoy my job – especially those “Ah ha!” moments that my kids experience. Sweet. I also love that I am largely free to entangle myself in such a variety of extracurricular activities. Opportunities for more interaction and teaching moments. And fun”.

These responses are a testament to the strength of our school community. We are touched and inspired by the dedication and commitment of ArtSpace faculty and staff. There are so many hard working individuals who support ArtSpace’s success. During this season of Thanksgiving, we want to express our gratitude to the entire faculty and staff at ArtSpace. We offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to administrators, teachers, support specialists, front office staff, business, marketing and financial managers, building maintenance and custodial staff. We feel it is important that they all understand how much their hard work and investment in our community is appreciated.


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