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Red Meander Project and Old Depot Association

Red Meander Project and Old Depot Association

ArtSpace Charter School  is once again grateful for the support of The Old Depot Association of Black Mountain for supporting a public works project that is an homage to the mountain valley in which the school is located. In the 2016-17 school year Visual Art Specialist Jocelyn Reese applied for and received a grant from the Association for the supplies to create an outdoor art piece inspired by the fiber artist Anni Albers.

Ms. Jocelyn felt an exterior breezeway supported by horizontal joists outside the arts wing lent itself perfectly to creating an art piece inspired by the weaving Red Meander, by Anni Albers.  The installation features rows of color on 25 joists that have been painted to mimic Albers’ design.   Anni Albers was a professor at the famed Bauhaus in Germany before its forced close.  She and her husband Joseph were professors at the arts based Black Mountain College from 1933-1949.

Ms. Jocelyn is eager to use this large scale visual work to teach students about weaving elements, geometry, rhythm and unity.  Of course this piece offers students, and other members of the community an example of local art history as well.  The installation was painted by ArtSpace parent and local artist Lara Nguyen and several of her students from Warren Wilson College.

In addition to paint supplies, Ms. Jocelyn requested funds to create signs that explain the significance of the installation, pay homage to Anni Albers, as well as thanking those who made the installation possible. ArtSpace is grateful to Lara, her students and to The Old Depot for supporting this project.

The ArtSpace Community is thankful for the continued support from the Old Depot Association over the years.  Students have had many varied arts opportunities from visiting artist experiences to hands on arts projects due to the dedication of the Association.

The Old Depot Association will be hosting the 20th annual juried art show “Art on the Tracks” on Sutton street, October 28th,