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States of Matter – A Science and Visual Art Exploration

States of Matter – A Science and Visual Art Exploration

dsc_0057Recently 8th grade science students at ArtSpace have explored states of matter, the law of conservation, and physical and chemical changes. Middle school science teacher Nick Rogowski and Visual Arts teacher Jocelyn Reese found this content the perfect opportunity for “two-way integration.”  Two-way integration is the process where one or more arts concept is taught at the same time as a concept in a non-arts class.  After a week of lessons about states of matter in science class Ms. Jocelyn joined the class to create an art piece using crayons and a heat gun to manipulate the wax.

dsc_0061Before students began working with the assigned medium they reviewed and discussed the basic visual art principles emphasis, balance, and color theory.  Students then went to work creating their art pieces.  Some students chose to illustrate the science concepts as they worked on the composition of their piece while others focused more on experiencing a new art process.  Mr. Nick believes that either intention worked to solidify deeper understandings of the science concepts for all students.dsc_0048

When the pieces were complete students presented them to their class.  Students spoke to the scientific concepts represented, or experienced when creating the work. Students also shared the techniques they used to manipulate the crayons.  As audience members students offered helpful critiques to the presenting artists.  This critique session offered students another opportunity to express their understanding of the art and science objectives.

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