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The World’s Fair at ArtSpace

The World’s Fair at ArtSpace

2nd graders completing their tango

Wednesday, April 27th – ArtSpace 2nd graders took part in their annual World’s Fair. The fair is the culmination of a two month study of the continents of The Earth and the diversity of cultures.  The fair represented that diversity by including each art form, dance, theater, music, visual arts and technology from around the world.

Leading up to the performance students researched a chosen country and created tourism posters that were displayed outside of their classrooms.  Students tie dyed t-shirts the assigned color of the continent where the country is located, and decorated a sash worn during the performance. 2nd graders also created a copy of their country’s flag which they waved when entering the theater to the Olympic Processional.


Anansi gets his waistline.

For the music portion, students from Ms. Annabell’s class sang a  song in Japanese while Ms. Ali’s class sang an  Italian lullaby.  They played on glockenspiels and Orff instruments, conducted by Ms. Meg. Audiences, were treated to a stop-action animation created by the students with Mr. Steve that represented the filling of 2nd grade’s passports with stamps, which were created with Ms. Joceyln in Visual Arts.
Ms. Ali’s class presented an Anansi folk tale from Africa,and  Ms. Anabell’s class re-created a story from the Cook Islands.  These mini plays were sandwiched between a powerful Argentine tango from Ms. Anabell’s class (representing South America) and a high energy hip hop routine from Ms. Ali’s students (for North America).  The performance closed with the entire 2nd grade singing and signing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”.