The Aurora Borealis: A Multiple Grade Level Dance Project

The AuroraBorealis/Aurora Australis Project 

Dance the Wonders in the Heavens

The Aurora Borealis/Aurora Australis assignment was a cross-grade idea that I had for an arts integration project. Aurora named after the Roman Goddess of the Dawn is a majestic wonder in the heavens. It is constantly moving and has an array of beautiful colors. Immediately, I became immersed in both the science of this phenomenon at the north and south poles as well as the infinite creative possibilities through movement and dance.   I encouraged my students to use lights, fabrics, special effects, costumes, and any other ideas they could conceive of, along with the music of their choice to interpret how the aurora borealis made them feel.

All of my students from kindergarten through sixth grade were greatly inspired by this topic and developed some of the most beautifully creative and imaginative works of art. Even the parents were amazed by the commitment level of their children with this project. 

As I shared the student work with faculty, staff, and administrators, it became clear that the effort and creative brilliance of our students had to be shared with as many viewers as possible.  So I compiled some of the dances that were as intriguing as the auroras themselves, to be admired by all. 

- Ms. Waterfall

Please click the links below to enjoy the videos.