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Giving Tuesday 2022


How to Donate: By scanning the above QR Code or clicking the link below.

ArtSpace Charter School is in the construction process for their new arts building, which is expected to open in the Fall of 2023. The new arts building will be located on the side of Sherwood Road, across the street from the main building. 

The new building will provide larger classrooms for the arts courses, a conference room, and also observation windows to showcase the learning around school. 

For safety purposes, the arts building will include: field level restrooms and water fountains to reduce student traffic to the main building. 

While this project is in the works, the main building will also undergo construction. The library will more than double in size, a kitchen will be added to the multipurpose space, and the Exceptional Children department will gain a classroom for interventions. 




"I give because ArtSpace has given my children so much - a safe place for learning, growing, and being a kid.  ArtSpace has been a steadfast presence in our lives during a time when everything felt uneasy."  - Anonymous Annual Donor 8th grade