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  • Steep Canyon

    Percussionists in a workshop with Mike Ashworth of the Steep Canyon Rangers.

  • DonorsChoose

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  • Dinner Party Plate Creation

    3rd graders working on plates for The Dinner Party Project

  • Winter Arts Festival 2017
  • OBX 2017 Spell ArtSpace

    Taken at the Cape Hatteras Light – 8th Grade Trip 2017

Grandparents Day Coming Soon

Grandparents Day Coming Soon

ArtSpace is very excited to host our Third Annual Grandparents Day(s) on September 8th and 11th, 9-11:30.  The school’s mission is centered around an arts integrated curriculum but also includes an emphasis on a “family…

Executive Director Lori Cozzi Receives Award from Arts Integration Organization

Executive Director Lori Cozzi Receives Award from Arts Integration Organization

Last week A+ Schools of North Carolina named Lori Cozzi, Executive Director of ArtSpace Charter School, the 2017 Gerry D. Howell A+ Educator of the Year.  What follows is the article posted on the A+ Schools…

The Little Prince: Time Bandits – A Multilayered Performance

The Little Prince: Time Bandits – A Multilayered Performance

Recently 4th grade students at ArtSpace Charter School performed an original multi-layered social studies play entitled “The Little Prince Time Bandits”.  This piece combined puppet theater segments adapted from Antoine St. Exupery’s existential fable, The…

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What we learn with excitement and passion stays with us for a lifetime. That’s the secret of ArtSpace.

Since 2001, ArtSpace Charter School has delivered an innovative education to the children of Western North Carolina through the integration of the arts. Arts-Integrated education naturally harnesses the joy of discovery and creation to give students the skills they need for a rich and successful life. At our school, students’ academic lives are marked with the milestones of their own creation. Abstract concepts leave tangible results – artistic achievements, mastery of skills, lasting memories of proud performances – these educational artifacts testify to an exceptional culture. And that culture creates exceptional human beings.

ArtSpace Charter School is proud to be a K-8, tuition-free public charter school. Explore our website to find out more of what makes our community such a special place.