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Please donate to the ArtSpace Vision Fund

We will accept donations for the ArtSpace Vision Fund throughout the school year.  No time is a bad time to give. For more information about the ArtSpace Vision Fund email Esteve Coll-Larrosa our Business Manager.
Use this button to donate to ArtSpace using PayPal.

Here are other ways we can use your support:

  • Volunteering at ArtSpace Charter School is a great way to help your community and have fun at the same time. With integration of education and the arts, ArtSpace generates a vibrant, active community of individuals who are changing the world for the better, and having a great time in the process. Be sure to log your hours here
  • Participate in Everyday Fundraisers
    • Box Tops now available as an app for your phone
    • Store Loyalty Cards (Ingles, Harris Teeter)
    • Gift Cards through Ingles (available at the Front Office)
    • Scholastic