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ArtSpace Alumni Spotlights

Welcome to our ArtSpace alumni spotlight page! The goal of the ArtSpace alumni spotlight is to inspire, motivate, and encourage current and prospective ArtSpace students. By reading the spotlights, students can see that through hard work and persistence, you can succeed and achieve all of your dreams! If you would like to participate in the ArtSpace alumni spotlight project, email [email protected] 
Our December Alumni Spotlight begins with Gabriel Coll-Bettencourt who is a vocal performance major, sociology minor at UNC-Greensboro. Gabriel attended ArtSpace from 2008-2017. 
Gabriel described his experience at ArtSpace as a memorable time filled with laughter and good friends, with exposure to the arts and global perspectives. 
"I learned from an early age to subvert conventional wisdom and pursue my curiosity and passion," Gabriel said. 
Gabriel added that ArtSpace helped him see his love for the arts and was very instrumental in shaping his love for studying music. ArtSpace also allowed him to see how transformative, reformative, and motivational music artists are in society. 
"My advice to current ArtSpace students and future students will always be to approach learning in a way that works well for you. You must be creative," Gabriel said. 
Gabriel wants ArtSpace students to know that your wildest dreams are connected to your actions now and that your hard work will determine whether you reach such dreams. 
We are very thankful to Gabriel for sharing perspective and experience at ArtSpace! 



Our January alumni spotlight features Ms. Mira Ritola-Schow who attended ArtSpace from 2002- 2011. Mira currently lives in Durham, NC and works for an e-commerce company. She shared that she recently joined the company last year to pilot a new team that has recently been expanded. 
Mira elaborated on her experience at ArtSpace. 


"ArtSpace was a very unique and beneficial experience. I was able to experience so many different things and have a greater ability to think about things from different perspectives than a lot of my friends," Mira said. 
 In addition to that, Mira shared that ArtSpace was like a family to her and looking back on it she is immensely grateful to have experienced such strong and genuine connections with her teachers and friends. 
"I recommend that all current and future ArtSpace students try everything that you can. ArtSpace has so many different opportunities and even if you don't end up liking everything, you gave it a chance and you learned something new," Mira said. 

Additionally, Mira wanted to end by stressing the importance of appreciating the feeling of community and family that ArtSpace exudes.

We would like to thank Ms. Ritola-Schow for participating in the alumni spotlight project. We wish you all the best! 



Jewellynne Weinmann
Our February Alumni Spotlight features Ms. Jewellynne Weinmann who attended ArtSpace from 2004-2013. Jewellyne is currently attending Valdosta State University in Georgia where she is majoring in psychology to become a teacher, while working as an online customer service representative. 
"My experience at ArtSpace was nothing short of amazing. I loved every moment of it," Jewellyne emphasized. 
Jewellyne also shared that she met great friends, teachers, and mentors while attending ArtSpace. 
"I loved all of the electives at ArtSpace and I really appreciated to grow and participate in each one. The teachers and staff made ArtSpace such an inviting and safe environment that I will forever be grateful for," Jewellyne said. 
She also mentioned her love for making art was discovered while at ArtSpace, and that at the time she did not realize how much of a therapeutic activity it truly is. 
"I encourage all current students to enjoy your time at ArtSpace!!! It goes by fast and you can don't realize how fun it is until after you graduate." Jewellyne said. 
Last but certainly not least, she also shared her immense gratitude for everything that the ArtSpace staff did to prepare, mold, and shape her for the future and the woman she is today. One day she hopes to work at ArtSpace and give back to the community she loves!