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Shuttle Info

Let's ride the bus to school!  

The shuttle will run twice in the mornings and twice in the afternoons between the Swannanoa Ingles and ArtSpace.  For efficiency and safety, we will maintain a consistent roster of students for each shuttle. Shuttle service is by SIGN UP only.  Families will receive confirmation of their child's assignment on the bus. Families must sign up each year to be on the roster.
  • Shuttle A:  Morning 7:45am / Afternoon 3:10pm
  • Shuttle B:  Morning 8:00am/ Afternoon 3:30pm
In addition to the bus driver, there will be a staff chaperone on the bus. Shuttle staff will maintain communication with the school while enroute and will carry the emergency contacts for rostered students.


The shuttle location is the Swannanoa Valley Shopping Center (Ingles) - in the corner lot at the closed Bank of America facility (2323 US Hwy 70).  See aerial view notated with yellow box.

Families using the shuttle service are expected to:
  • Be on time,
  • Meet the bus in the assigned location at the designated time, 
  • Not leave their children unattended in the parking lot, 
  • Communicate with the school any changes in drop off/pick up plans, 
  • Have a photo ID available.
Morning Misses:
If families assigned to Shuttle A miss their assigned time, students may join Shuttle B (IF there is available space).  If not, or if the family misses Shuttle B, parents will need to transport child to school through the car line.  
Afternoon Misses:
When the shuttle arrives to the Ingles lot, staff will check students out with their parent/guardian.  The bus will wait 5 minutes from the designated time before leaving on the next route.  Students not picked up will ride the bus back to school and checked into the Encore program.
A shuttle coordinator will be on site at Ingles and a staff chaperone on the bus so that parents/guardians can maintain communication regarding their child's location and pick up needs.
For changes or inquiries on our shuttle service, please contact [email protected]