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The Arts Team consists of teachers from each art form including drama, music, visual art, dance, and technology. The arts team work to ground students in the skills necessary for high achievement in the arts and technology. The Arts team collaborates with classroom teachers to integrate the arts curriculum (as outlined by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, the Common Core, and the Essential Standards) with the broader curriculum at each grade level.


Through weekly planning meetings, team teaching, and cooperative learning experiences, students are immersed in the fundamentals of visual art and design, guided to write and act in original plays, conduct intensive technology-based research, choreograph dances, develop mastery of music skills, and explore science, math, social studies and language arts concepts through the arts and technology.

Some of the highlights include – annual productions for each grade level, 7th and 8th grade elective concentration courses, sixth grade Shakespeare performances, art shows, music concerts, and a variety of field trips in the arts. An integral part of arts integration is exposure to professional artists.

The Visiting Artists program brings performances, residencies, and workshops to our school. Past visiting artists include nationally acclaimed puppeteers Hobey Ford and Lisa Sturz; internationally acclaimed artists like African drummer and folk-tale artist, Masankho Banda; Latin musicians, Solazo; storyteller, David Novak, and a variety of folk artists, weavers, potters and visual artists.