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Carline Procedures

2023-24 Student Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

ArtSpace carline procedures have been developed with the safety and welfare of our students in mind, in collaboration with NCDOT and traffic engineers.  Please ensure that student morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up runs smoothly by following the procedures outlined below. There are updates to our procedures based on new parking, median, and crosswalks.

Park & Walk
This is NOT an option at this time.

Morning Drop-Off 

  • Shuttle- The shuttle will run twice each in the mornings and afternoons between Ingles and ArtSpace.  Shuttle service is by sign up only and we will maintain a consistent roster of students for this service. Space is limited.
CLICK HERE for the Shuttle Info Page
  • Carline - Students (all grades) are dropped off in front of the school in the morning between 7:30 and 8:15am. 
    1. Do not drop off students prior to 7:30.
    2. School begins at 8:15am. Students arriving after 8:15am are tardy and must be walked into school and signed in as tardy by an adult. Tardy students may not enter the school without an adult.
    3. Students may not be dropped off anywhere except the front of the school.
    4. The car line is longest between 7:55-8:10. If you are arriving later, you risk being late because of the line. Morning care is offered at no charge beginning at 7:30, when the line is very short.
    5. Consider carpooling with friends and neighbors, for the good of the environment and to shorten the line.

  • Carline route: Drivers are directed to turn off Hwy 70 onto Reger or Rowland Avenues, circle behind the school and approach the school on Sherwood Road. 

DO NOT TURN FROM HWY 70 ONTO SHERWOOD ROAD to drop students off in the morning. There is no safe way for cars turning in from Hwy 70 to enter the school’s front parking lot while drop off or pick up is in process and a dangerous situation is created when traffic backs up on Hwy 70. 

Afternoon Pick-Up

  • Carline- Each family will be given a plastic tag to hang on the rearview mirror of their vehicle.  Please use a sharpie or marker to record the first name(s) and grade level(s) of your child or children.  The tag helps facilitate an efficient dismissal.
  • School dismissal runs from 3:10pm to 3:35pm. Parents arriving before 3:10pm remain in their cars. Any students being picked up early must be signed out in the front office.
  • Carline route is the same as morning drop off. Drivers are directed to circle around the school using Reger or Rowland Avenues and approach the school on Sherwood Road.
      1. Do not turn from Hwy 70 onto Sherwood Road.
      2. DO NOT BLOCK PRIVATE DRIVEWAYS while waiting in the car line.
      3. For safety, drivers must stay in one line until the last private driveway is passed. Staff will direct the creation of two lines at the rear of the school building. 
  • Students are dismissed from two locations: the theater side door and the front dismissal door.
          • 5th through 8th grade students will exit from the theater side door near the rear of the building. Staff will be directing traffic. At the start of the school’s sidewalk, drivers picking up at the theater should pull to the curb and to allow a second line of drivers picking up in the front to form. Once students have been picked up, drivers will pull back onto Sherwood and go straight to the Hwy 70 intersection. Drivers picking up at the theater do not continue to the front of the school.
          • Kindergarten through 4th grade students will exit from the front of the school. Drivers will stay on Sherwood and pull forward as instructed by the staff members directing the line.
          • Drivers picking up from both grade spans will pick up all their riders in the front of the school. In this case, the older students will be sent to the front of the school to be dismissed with younger students.

Early Pick Up

  • Students needing to leave school for any reason before 3:10pm must be signed out by an adult in the front office. 
  • Parents are asked not to pick students up early unless absolutely necessary. 
  • Prior notification is needed for checkouts between 2:50pm and 3:10pm. 
  • When picking students up early, allow 15 minutes for the student to be located and to arrive in the front office.