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Dance study allows all learners to be successful, as it addresses various learning styles and intelligences. Movement is a natural vehicle to help students understand themselves, as well as to gain an appreciation for rich and diverse cultures, beliefs, and societies throughout history. Our dance program is designed to teach students fundamentals in dance and choreography while developing self-discipline and focus.

Our K-8 dance program addresses the learning needs of the whole child — physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and aesthetic development. Through movement, students have the opportunity to creatively express vocabulary, concepts, and principals across the standard course of study (NCSCOS).

Performances are a by-product, and are not the primary goal of kinesthetic learning. They are the outcome of the creative process to help students develop the ability to think critically and express concepts. Through the process of creating, students approach a subject in new or different ways to develop their own aesthetic criteria. Students evaluate and validate their work and choices, while appreciating the work of schoolmates.

Students in grades K-6 will have a dance class once each week, unless a project or upcoming presentation requires additional time. Students in grades 7 and 8 attend an arts class daily as an electives class, with the opportunity to develop their skills in a specific art form of their choice each quarter. These quarterly dance electives have included Dance Around the World, Swing into Spring, Dance for Fun, Fitness, and Focus, Musical Theatre, and Choreography.

For more information, please contact Ms. Waterfall Wise

Dr. Wise is a native of Queens, New York.  She has an MFA in Media and Performing Arts and a Doctorate in Divinity, specializing in Spiritual Metaphysical Research and Investigation. Ms. Waterfall was the Multidisciplinary Arts Director for Zion Method Performing Arts Academy, Inc. from 2003-2015. She has developed Garnet Xong Productions so professionals and highly skilled performers will have a platform for innovative choreography and storytelling.


Dr. Wise is a teacher, choreographer, performer, script writer and director of many original Dance concerts. She is also the author of the book, Neo Genesis: Revelations of The Wise Theory.


Ms. Waterfall has over 35 years of dedication to education and the performing arts. She was the developer and the first dance faculty at Savannah College of Art and Design, for their Dance Minor.  Additionally, she has been the Dance Professor for Savannah State University and Humanities Professor at the University of Phoenix.


In 2019 Ms. Waterfall directed The Lion King Jr. at ArtSpace Charter School.  February 2020 was the debut of her original dance drama “A Vampire In Asheville.”