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Artisan of the Month

Purpose:  The purpose of a school-wide character education program is to encourage lifelong social and academic success of students and emphasize a cooperative and supportive school climate by instilling and reinforcing strong moral and ethical character within the school community.

Overview:  The Artisan of the Month program will consist of the following:

  • Monthly trait: each month of the school year will focus on a different character trait related to the Four Pillars (Effort, Leadership, Service, Respect). The trait of the month will be posted in common areas of the school. 
  • The Counselor will share optional teaching resources for each trait 
  • Artisans of the Month: Staff can opt to nominate a student (from any class) who they feel represents the monthly trait. All nominees will receive a certificate, be mentioned on the morning announcements, featured in a spotlight on the school website.

Character traits:  4 Pillars

  • September- Self-Management
  • October- Courage
  • November- Gratitude
  • December- Honesty/Integrity
  • January- Compassion
  • February- Unity
  • March- Generosity
  • April- Perseverance
  • May- Friendship
The Artisans of the Month for February (Unity) are :