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Construction Chronicles

Building What Matters!
Check here for your weekly progress reports on the construction on campus.
Construction FAQs - for parents, staff, & students. 
October 17-21
The construction site is active once more!  This week, the team began working on the foundation of the building.  You can start to see how the building will have two very different levels.  The classrooms are on the top level, which will be at the same level as the street and our current building.  So the contractors will be adding dirt to make that area higher than it is now.  The lower level of the building is where we have storage and bathrooms.  That is on the same level as the field, so you will see them digging out to make that area lower.  
Meet the Team! 
Headshot 2
Meet Levi! Levi is the superintendent at Frank L. Blum Construction. Levi works to ensure quality control and project assurance, while bridging the gap between the sub-contractors and the design team. He helps the construction process by in contact with the client as well as the other integral parts of the construction process.
Levi looks forward to finding unique ways to engage ArtSpace students throughout the building process! 
Meet RJ! RJ is currently working on the architectural design aspect of the new Arts building. His main focus is planning, coordinating, and designing the new Arts building.  This includes communicating with electrical and mechanical counterparts, the plumbing company, and making sure there is clear communication with the contractors.
RJ is looking forward to witnessing the project move forward and seeing ArtSpace receive a new addition to their school! 
Headshot 3
Meet Cory! Cory is the project manager with Frank L. Blum Construction. His focus is getting the sub-contractors lined and up and making sure the budget is aligning with the construction process. Cory loves building schools because of the positivity and opportunities that schools bring to communities.
Cory looks forward to seeing all the ArtSpace students smiling and enjoying new building!
August 29- September 16
The construction fence was completed at the beginning of September.  You may not be seeing as much machinery moving this week, but the contractors are hard at work collaborating with subcontractors.  They are skill-based professionals, focused on one part of the bigger job.  Electricity, plumbing, masonry, and roofing are examples of these professional trades.  We expect to see "boots on the ground" in the coming weeks, beginning the work on the foundation.
In the next Construction Chronicle entry, you'll be learning more about our Frank Blum Contractors, our general contractors for the project.  
FenceAugust 22-26
Students came back this week!  Teachers spent time in class reviewing outdoor safety rules.  Some classes had lessons on the field and talked about the construction project.  This week, the construction fence was completed on the field side, with a nice privacy screen.  Why does it have holes in it?  The slots reduce "wind loading" - keeping the air/wind from creating unsafe pressures on either side of the fence.  On the other side of the field, our 8 foot wooden privacy fence was completed.  It makes our play area feel nice and secure.  Our general contractors, Frank Blum Construction, also put up a small trailer.  This is where the project manager and site superintendent will have all the building plans and where the crew will meet to plan out their work.  The site superintendent oversees the work and the crews on campus.  He collaborates with the school staff to so that we are all working as a team.  Next week, the contractors will finish the rest of the fence and prepare their work area.
August 15-19Groundbreaking
Wow! What a week!  We had our official groundbreaking ceremony on Friday with our staff, boards, and special guests.  It was special to have the previous two directors of the school join us - Dr. Tony and Ms. Lori.  Staff, board members, and alumni student council members each brought a bag of dirt from home or other meaningful place to add to the school's foundation.  This was special because it was poured into what will be the heart of the building, a symbol of how this project is more than a building, but a collection of its people.
In other construction news, the crews finished the runoff pond and took down the overgrown trees.  The parking lot is being graded (leveled) for better parking.  You'll also notice a new walking pathway for staff.  This is temporary, but helps them walk safely from the parking lot to the building.  We have a beautiful new construction sign going up so that everyone can see what the building will look like.
In the coming days, the construction fencing will be finished.  We will also have a new wooden privacy fence between us and our neighbors.
August 8-12
Field work
Tennoca, our site work contractors, are beginning work on the erosion/ run off pond.  They also started staking out where the construction fence will go.  This fence will be 8 feet tall and will go all the way around the project area to keep everyone safe.  The project area has to include space for materials and equipment.  It is called the "laydown area."  It may take up a bit of the field, but don't worry - there's still plenty of space to play on the playground, basketball courts, and outdoor classrooms.  Teachers will be reviewing safety rules with all students the first week back.  When the building is done, they remove the fence and run off pond and will fix everything up good as new.
Next, they'll be grading (leveling) the parking lot and cutting down the overgrown cypress trees.  The trees are also in a bad spot with the power lines and parking lot.  It may be sad to see them go for now, but we will replant trees when the construction is done.  
August 1-5
This was a very busy week, even if nothing happened on the ground.  This was the week all the paperwork was submitted and signed.  The financing from the bank and the contract with the builder was finalized.  This picture shows the PACE Board Chair, Candace and the FACE Board Chair, Lacy signing the official documents.  
Official Signing