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Parents as Partners

We believe art is more than just a tool for education. In all its forms, art inspires individuals to think critically about their own culture and environment. It encourages the thoughtful expression of an individual’s principles and ideas. 

With integration of education and the arts, ArtSpace generates a vibrant, active community of individuals who are changing the world for the better, and having a great time in the process.  We welcome you to our community of learning!

ArtSpace Charter School is a school of choice.  We appreciate that you have chosen us and trusted us with your child’s education.  Your partnership in education is invaluable.  Please review our community contract and support us in upholding the Four Pillars:  Respect, Leadership, Effort, & Service.  The faculty and staff at ArtSpace are committed to these values and to ensuring a safe, positive learning environment with opportunities for all students to learn, grow, and thrive.

Parent's Bill of Rights
In accordance with Session Law 2023-106, parent/guardians have the right to:
    • Make decisions for participation in reproductive health and safety education programs.
    • Seek exemptions from immunization requirements.
    • Review statewide standardized assessment results.
    • Request an evaluation of their child for identification as a child with a disability or as academically or intellectually gifted.
    • Inspect and purchase textbooks and other supplementary instructional materials.
    • Access information on promotion and retention, including high school graduation requirements.
    • Receive regular report cards that show academic performance, conduct, and attendance.
    • Access information on the State public education system.
    • Participate in parent-teacher organizations.
    • Opt-in to participation in protected student information surveys in accordance with State law and opt-out of data collection in other surveys in accordance with federal law.
    • Review available records of materials their child borrowed from a school library. 
Garrett’s Law

Garrett’s law was enacted in 2004.  It mandates schools provide parents and guardians with information about meningococcal meningitis and influenza and the vaccines that protect against these diseases. The law was expanded in 2007 to mandate that information also be provided about human papillomavirus (HPV) and the vaccines available to protect against HPV.

The following materials are available to support this effort. 
Meningococcal meningitis