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Student Support

Several programs are offered for student assistance.


Title I is a federally funded program designed to supplement classroom instruction in reading by improving the educational opportunities of children. We seek to help students feel successful in school, attain grade-level proficiency, and improve achievement in both basic and advanced reading skills. Students meet 4-5 times per week in a small group setting. Title I services are provided by a certified reading specialist and assistant. Cur-rently, ArtSpace is a School Wide pro-gram serving students with identified needs. Learn More

Student Support Team

The Student SupportTeam addresses the specific needs of individual students who may be struggling with their academics and/or behavior. The team includes the child’s classroom teacher, school counselor, EC teacher, as well as tutors and administrators when applicable. The team reviews information provided by the teachers and parents and discusses strategies to help students achieve their full potential. Students are referred to the team by the classroom teacher. Learn More


A free appropriate public education is the right of every child with a disability. As a federally funded school, ArtSpace Charter provides Exceptional Children’s services to qualifying children with mental, physical and emotional disabilities who are unable to benefit from a regular school program without special assistance. The Exceptional Children’s program at ArtSpace strives to serve each child with a disability in the regular classroom using an inclusion mode when possible. The program includes necessary related services such as occupational and speech therapy. Learn More


ArtSpace employs a full-time School Counselor for grades K-8. The School Counselor’s role is to promote the academic, personal/social and future success of all students. This is accomplished through individual and small group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and program coordination. Individual counseling is short-term and focused primarily on school-related issues. Learn More

Ms. Kira is excited to start her professional school counseling career with ArtSpace this year. She attended Warren Wilson College where she earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Art. She earned her masters degree in Counselor Education from Virginia Tech and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. She has been drawn back to the magic of Asheville. She enjoys hiking with her dog and playing on the pottery wheel in her free time. You can find Ms. Kira's website here
Ms. Rachel is social work transplant that is originally from Kansas where she earned her degree at Wichita State University, this is her first year at Artspace. She has worked in a variety of social work settings but most enjoys working in schools and helping to provide students and their families with needed resources and support. Outside of school she enjoys travelling and trying new foods, listening to podcasts, and going to escape rooms. 
About Ms. Tina 


As per the McKinney-Vento all public schools must support the educational rights of homeless children.  ArtSpace has a homeless liason and as well as information for homeless student support.  Learn more