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Second Grade

Diversity and multiculturalism drive the second-grade curriculum.  We start the year with an in-depth project in animal research, focusing on animal life-cycles and accessing the material through dance, writing, visual arts, and music.  We take many exciting field trips throughout the year to places such as the NC Arboretum, Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville Museum Of Science, and an annual spring hike to Warren Wilson College.  In winter, we do our biggest most in-depth unit of the year- World’s Fair.  Students become experts on countries from around the world.  This global/social studies exploration highlights dance, music, theatre, and multiculturalism and culminates with a grand stage performance.  We teach an innovative integrated hands-on math curriculum called Investigations, with a strong focus on number sense and math critical thinking skills.  Additionally, we emphasize critical thinking skills with weekly art studies; the students are introduced to great works of art and learn to write and form educated opinions.  Reading instruction takes place throughout the day in small groups, whole class, reading buddies with kindergarteners and read-aloud. Second grade is an exciting year filled with learning, laughter, and art!

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About Ms. Annabell 

Annabell earned a BA in education from Warren Wilson College.  Before joining the ArtSpace staff in 2004 she taught ESL in Brazil and Venezuela. Annabell was ArtSpace teacher of the year for the 2012-2013 school year.  She enjoys hiking, painting, dancing, and gardening with her son Coltrane.

About Ms. Melanie 

Melanie holds both K-6 Elementary and K-12 Art Education certifications from UNCA and and BFA in Painting from Auburn University. Her interests include painting, puppetry, and playing the banjo ukulele. Melanie has remained an active member of the community!

About Ms. Tara

Tara studied Early Childhood Development at McDowell Technical Community College.  She has been involved in ArtSpace since its inception: while her husband served on the original Board, she was a co-founder of the ArtSpace parent organization.  Tara has worked at ArtSpace for eleven years.  A coach in local soccer and baseball associations, she enjoys cooking, her church, and time with family.